Publications Available for Purchase

Octavia: Guthrie and Beyond

ISBN: 0-916418-91-X

81 pages (paper) $15.00

Recreation of the life of an aunt the author never knew but physically resembled. Reveals the values of a turn of the century African American family with middle class values. Photos. Illustrated by

Leisia Duskin and photos

Connected Islands: New and Selected Poems

ISBN: 916418-94-4

95 pages (paper) $17.00

Examines and celebrates the bonds of family, friendship, faith, and art to show that as much as we are alone, we are together

A Student’s Guide to Creative Writing (textbook)

ISBN: 0-87013-357-8

139 pages 81/2” X 11” (paper) $20.00

Appropriate for high school and college, this textbook instructs the reader on the basics of writing poetry and traditional short stories in simple, easy-to-understand language. Includes practical written exercises and examples of writing by former college students of the author. Also serves as a guide for creative writing teachers

Pink Ladies in the Afternoon
Adam of Ifé: Black Women in Praise of Black Men
Exits and Entrances

ISBN: 0-916418-13-8

69 pages (paper) $5.00

Various styles and subjects indicate author’s mastery of form. Illustrated by Beverley Rose Enright

ISBN: 916418-80-4

99 pages (paper) $18.00

Ground-breaking anthology to which 55 black women contributed positive poems about ordinary men in their daily lives. Thoughtful introduction details the history of the emasculation of the black male. Illustrated by Carl Owens

ISBN: 0-916418-78-2

76 pages (paper) $7.00

Poems on a variety of subjects with end notes

ISBN: 0-916418-97-94

92 pages (cloth) $35.00

This amazing book shares with the reader the people, places, events, and circumstances that shaped the first 81years of her very productive life as poet, teacher, publisher, and editor. Illustrated with 50 photographs

Pilgrim Journey (autobiography)